Passion. Purpose. Potential.

living a life full of meaning


His Word is our lifeline. Without it, our lives would be  meaningless. Our hope is that women will be encouraged to see themselves the way God created them: fearfully and wonderfully made. 


Fashion is so fun.  We love how fashion is always changing and adapting to new culture. Most importantly, we want girl’s to feel beautiful in their own skin! “For she is clothed in strength and dignity.”


Who doesn’t love food? On our food blog, we have everything from smoothie bowl recipes to savory healthy dinner ideas. It’s so important to fuel our bodies with the right kind of nutrients to get through our day!


The world tells us so much about being fit: be skinny, don’t eat,  overwork your body, etc. But what does God say about it? We hope we can shine a light on His truths when it comes to taking care of our bodies. 

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